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How to deal with the peculiar smell of the water filtered by the reverse osmosis water purifier?
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It is found that the water filtered out by the reverse osmosis water purifier has peculiar smell. Don't panic. First, smell the water quality before entering the water purifier to see whether there is peculiar smell. If there is peculiar smell, we can know that the peculiar smell in the water mainly comes from three sources through analysis: one is generated by bacterial organisms, such as the odor in the water, which can be removed by physical filtration of the water purifier membrane; the other is caused by Chemical substances, such as the smell of bleaching powder in water, need to be added with activated carbon for adsorption; the latter may be caused by unclean filter of water purifier. Among them, the first two kinds of problems are well solved, to ensure that the water purifier installed and used is produced by regular manufacturers, without abnormal quality, basically with filtering function, more than three-level filter element can be solved.

In the case of no results in the first two odor sources, it is also a complex situation after we come. You can first understand the specific service life of the equipment. Generally speaking, if it's newly purchased, there may be "strange smell" but it won't be odor. The source of the strange smell is mainly that the residual protective liquid in the filter element hasn't been washed clean, and it can be solved by continuous washing for 15-30 minutes. For the rest, equipment that has been used for more than one year may be due to other reasons.

There are bacteria breeding in the reverse osmosis water purifier. If the equipment is used for a long time after purchase, do not pay attention to disinfection, sterilization and cleaning, or if it is not used for a long time, the bacteria in the equipment will multiply in a large amount, and the water will naturally produce peculiar smell, especially in summer, because summer is a peak season of bacteria breeding, the faster the temperature is, the faster bacteria will reproduce.

The activated carbon has failed. The failure of activated carbon is one of the important problems that cause the odor of water quality. The activated carbon filter is the main system to absorb the odor of raw water in the whole equipment, so once the activated carbon fails, the produced water will inevitably have the odor, so we need to wash and replace the activated carbon filter material regularly.

As a result of unqualified materials, there are defective manufacturers who use inferior materials in order to reduce production costs and improve competitiveness. This is a problem that we cannot solve in the later stage. It is recommended to choose a big brand with good reputation and good service when purchasing. Do not be greedy for small and cheap products. Before purchasing equipment, carefully understand how to purchase the equipment to ensure that qualified equipment is purchased. There are always various problems in the operation of the equipment. When we purchase the equipment, we should choose the equipment with good quality and stable system to purchase. Besides, we should often maintain the equipment to reduce the failure of the water purifier.

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