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You need to know about the laboratory high purity water machine
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Laboratory high-purity water machine is usually composed of raw water pretreatment system, ultra purification system, reverse osmosis membrane system, ultra filtration system and so on. The purpose of pretreatment is to make the raw water meet the requirements of RO membrane separation module and ensure the stable operation of RO purification system. Reverse osmosis membrane system is an economical purification method for removing more than 98% ions, organic matters and 100% microorganisms in raw water. The ultra purification post-treatment system further removes the impurities such as micro ions and organic matters in the RO pure water through a variety of integrated technologies, so as to meet the requirements of water quality indicators for different purposes.

The principle is that the tap water is carefully filtered, and the activated carbon filter is pretreated to filter the sediment and other particulate matters, so as to absorb the odor and make the tap water cleaner. Then the water quality is purified and desalinated through the reverse osmosis device. The purified water can be stored in the water storage tank, and the water quality can meet the national three-level water standard, and the waste water produced by the reverse osmosis device can be discharged.

When the insoluble salt and relevant components in the reverse osmosis inlet water of the pretreatment system reach the concentration listed in the table below, corresponding measures shall be taken in the pretreatment to prevent the reverse osmosis membrane from scaling. The pretreatment function is powerful, self-protection is good, and the removal efficiency of various impurities is also high.

The super purification system adopts nuclear grade polishing mixed bed resin. The setup of super purification treatment system can remove all ions in the water. The water quality resistivity of the system can reach 18.2 megohm / cm, which is enough to meet the basic application requirements of different experiments.

UV disinfection adopts special light source and dual wavelength UV lamp. Because of its performance, ultra pure water goes through six cycles of treatment in the UV lamp, which not only completely eliminates the residual bacteria, but also completely degrades the residual trace organic matters, and truly realizes the water quality of: TOC ≤ 3ppb

RO membrane is used in RO system of laboratory high purity water machine. It has a very strong screening effect, and its performance is extremely stable. Under the given pressure of the system, it can only penetrate water but not solute. Therefore, it can precisely filter out bacteria, viruses, salts and various carcinogens in water. Desalination rate ≥ 99%. The reverse osmosis system has the function of automatic cleaning, which can effectively prevent the fouling and blocking of the reverse osmosis membrane and ensure its continuous operation.

The ultra-fine filter system adopts the ultra-fine filter, the water production capacity is 3-5 times higher than the common terminal filter, the service life is greatly extended, and the high quality of the produced water is better guaranteed.

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