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The laboratory pure water system has these functions
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The pure water system of the laboratory has a complete purification unit, which can take tap water as the inlet water and pure water and pure water as the outlet water. Produce water of different standards to meet the water demand of various laboratories. The water volume per unit of pure aquatic product is 40 times of that of the same kind of imported products, and the cost of water production is one fifth of that of other products. If the raw water quality is less than 2000 μ s and the hardness is less than or equal to 450 ppm, the water quality of the produced water can be kept below 5 μ s / cm, and the utilization rate of the raw water can reach 60% - 80%

Users can store and query data in real time through the intelligent monitoring system, and then can do trend analysis. The full intelligent monitoring system supports multi language mode, multi-user use and data recording respectively. The consumables of the purification unit shall be placed reasonably and the plug and play of components shall be used to make the calibration, maintenance, cleaning, disinfection and sampling of the system validation easier.

Control function: full automatic touch screen display controller, animated flow chart, real-time display and monitoring the process operation status of each water treatment unit;

Automatic flushing pipe network function: regularly clean the pipeline to keep the internal cleanness of the pipeline. When flushing the pipeline, it can be directly discharged or returned to the main machine of water making equipment for reuse to save water source;

Online display of operation status and parameters: online display of flow, online display of pressure, online monitoring and digital display of source water quality and produced water quality, etc., to understand the operation of equipment in real time, so as to facilitate the monitoring and analysis of the operation status of laboratory pure water system;

Ro main unit has the function of anti scaling program design of RO membrane: regularly and circularly wash the surface of RO membrane to effectively protect the operation of RO membrane;

All water tank level automatic control: equipment connection among intermediate water tank, pure water tank and water tank not only realizes linkage, but also protects each pump from idling and damage;

Online monitoring of product water quality and unqualified water recycling treatment: in order to ensure that the water quality of the water consumption point meets the requirements, the water quality of the main engine is monitored online in real time, with water quality feedback device, and unqualified water quality is recycled and reprocessed;

With automatic protection and alarm functions: power on self-test, water shortage protection alarm, power failure automatic reset, high and low voltage automatic shutdown protection and processing, system linkage, if there is a local problem in the system, system automatic shutdown, etc.

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