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How to install the deionized pure water machine correctly
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Before installing the deionized water purifier, check whether the outer package mark of the water purifier is the same as the model required by the demander, whether the delivery list is consistent with the name and telephones of the demander, and whether the outer package is flawless and undamaged; whether the mark and model are consistent with the requirements of the customer, and then check whether the split box, accessory box, warranty card, instruction manual and certificate of conformity are complete after opening the package No defect.

Check the whole machine. First, check whether the water pipes are not firm or loose. All the water pipes shall be firm and uniform in color. There shall be no kinks, dead bends, cracks and other phenomena. Second, check the circuit, whether the transformer is connected to the exposed part, whether the wiring of the computer board is correct, whether it is exposed or connected wrongly. Check whether the plug spring is connected well, whether it is firm, whether it falls off and whether it is high Check whether the low-pressure switch is broken and whether the pressure regulating screw of the high-pressure switch falls off; check whether the water inlet and flushing solenoid valve have the exposed part of the wireless coil; check other accessories again, and ensure there is no damage or shortage.

Before installing the prefilter in the deionized water purifier, it is necessary to check whether it is in good condition, whether it is missing, whether the pipes are correctly connected, so as to prevent the source water from directly entering the reverse osmosis membrane filtration without passing through the filtration device, which will cause the blocking of the membrane and the small rheology of the effluent. Before installation, it is also necessary to check whether the end cover and plastic shell of the special osmosis equipment are complete and intact, and whether the prevention and treatment are inconsistent The membrane element of lattice is used, which affects the quality of effluent in later period.

After the installation, it is necessary to carry out use commissioning to see if there is any leakage of various pipe joints during the whole water production process. If not, carry out the next step, pressure operation commissioning, let the equipment operate under the rated pressure, check whether the pressure is normal, whether the water quality meets the standard, whether the ultraviolet disinfection device is complete, and whether the whole disinfection process is normal, It is recommended to check whether the figures on the effluent quality and conductivity display are consistent.

Pipeline connection: the accessories package is equipped with 6.5m long pipes, which are respectively used in 4 places, including tap water inlet pipe, pressure barrel pipe, gooseneck faucet pipe and waste water discharge pipe. The installation personnel must make a reasonable layout to facilitate maintenance.

Plastic pipe: cut the pipe orifice flat, put on the nut, put on the pipe plug (to enhance the strength of the pipe), and the pipe orifice is 2-3mm longer than the nut.

Install the water inlet valve and the water inlet pipe, cut the pipe orifice flat, put on the metal nut, then insert the plastic pipe into one end of the water outlet of the water inlet ball valve, tighten the nut, do not use too much force, so as to prevent the pipe from being broken.

Connect the gooseneck faucet: cut the nozzle flat, put on the metal nut and the mud dragon sleeve. The nut is 2-3 mm long out of the nozzle. Plug in the pipe plug and tighten it. The force is larger than that of the water inlet ball valve.

Connect the waste water connecting pipe to the waste water clamp, tighten it, clamp it with the waste water pipe, and seal it.

After connecting, straighten out the pipeline.

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