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Final filter supplies

Final filter supplies


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Terminal filter
0.22μm terminal filter
Polypropylene (PP) polymer case, polycarbonate (PC) bell-shaped protective cover
Imported hydrophilic polyethersulfone (PES) multiple pleated folding filter media
Full hot-melt welding production process, maximum operating pressure of 6.5 bar, maximum operating temperature of 50 ° C
118mm in total length, 1 / 4-inch NPT inlet, 3 / 8-inch stepped hose upside-down, liquid outlet
Biosesafety complies with USP regulations, endotoxin detection <0.25Eu / ml, bacterial retention rate> 107
0.45 + 0.2μm terminal filter
Sterilization performance: autoclave at 134 ° C, 1 bar, 30 minutes
Maximum diffusion value: 1ml / min at 2.5bar, minimum bubble point value: 3.2bar
Interface: 1/4 "quick socket, filtering area: 150cm2
Ready-to-use sterile capsule filters that meet the most stringent requirements. It contains a double-layer hydrophilic heterophasic polyethersulfone membrane, which can ensure excellent service life and total water production. The filter is connected to the end position via a quick connector and reliably removes all particles and microorganisms in the final water purification step. The hydrophobic PTFE membrane on the top allows the bao filter to be vented easily and cleanly.
Imported end filters have been validated as sterile filters for pharmaceutical applications in accordance with HIMA and ASTM F-838-05 Bacterial Challenge Experimental Guidelines. During production, each filter is tested for integrity to meet the highest quality standards and safety regulations.
Final filter consumables laboratory ultrapure water manufacturers
0.22μm terminal filter
Imported polyethersulfone (PES), pore size 0.22μm
0.45 + 0.2μm terminal filter
Imported polyethersulfone (PES), 0.45 + 0.22μm double-layer filter



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