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Fast X1 Deionized Pure Water Machine

Fast X1 Deionized Pure Water Machine


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Product Advantages 

● It is an integrated system which produces pure water and high-pure water using tap water; ● Two lines of LCD display, three touch keys and one-key operation; ● Online monitoring of quality and temperature of pure water and high-pure water; ● Protection from misoperation such as cleaning and circulation; ● Early warning and protection from leakage and low pressure; ● The pure water pipe and joint have both passed NSF certification; ● American DOW RO film imported with original packaging ensures long life of RO film and high water quality; 
● Resistance constant of conductivity meter: 0.01cm-1, temperature sensitivity: ±0.1°C, automatic temperature compensation; ● The main power supply is 24VDC (low voltage) which conforms to the safety code. ABS engineering plastic housing and water-power separated structure adapt to humid environment, avoid damaging human body and produce ultralow radiation. The system adopts advanced EMC design and features strong interference immunity and low noise. ● 1 set of integrated 10L purified module and 1 set of 10L UP module. The system is internally installed with 10L+10L American Dow purified precise resin and nuclear grade resin imported with original packaging. The effluent quality reaches up to 16-18.2MΩ.cm.

Fast-X1 Technical Parameter List  
Product Type Fast-X1 Influent Requirement* Urban tap water: TDS<200ppm, 5-45°C, 1.0-4.0Kgf/cm3 (if influent TDS>200ppm, external softener is recommended) System Process** PF+PP+RO+DI+UV Indexes of DI Water:  Resistivity 16-18.2MΩ.cm@25°C Heavy Metal Ion <0.1pbb PM (>0.2μm) <1/ml RO Indexes:  Ion Rejection Rate 96%-99% (when new RO film is used) Organic Rejection Rate >99% (when MV> 200 Dalton) PM and Bacteria Rejection Rate >99% Water Yield (25°C)*** 40/60/80/100L/H Instantaneous Water Yield 1.5-2.0L/min (pressure barrel is needed) Water Outlet 2PCS.: RO water, DI water Size/Weight (W*D*H) 560×500×1060mm/ about 85Kg Power Supply/Power/Noise 220V50HZ/ 120W/ <50db Standard Configuration Host (including 1 set of purified column) +external 42L pressure barrel+ accessory bag 


>Influent quality will affect the quality of pure water and the service life of purified column >PF: Pretreatment PP: Integrated PP cotton UDF: Integrated activated carbon RO: Reverse osmosis DI: Ion exchange UV: UV lamp sterilizer >Influent TDS=200ppm, 25°C, measured at 50psi and when the recovery ratio is 15%



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