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Smart-s2 ultra pure water machine

Smart-s2 ultra pure water machine


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1. Water source: Deionized water 2. Water production: up ultra pure water 3. Control system: 5.0 inch color full touch screen 4. Water production: 10-90l / h 240-2160l / D 5. Water production quality: class I water: 18.2m Ω· cm @ 25 ℃ water quality standard: in line with the class I water quality standard formulated by GB / t6682-2008, GB / t33087-2016, ASTM, cap, CLSI, EP and USP


Features and advantages

● integrated system for direct production of ultra pure water with deionized water as source;

● 5.0-inch large screen LCD display, four user password protection, full animation menu display, dynamic and intuitive;

● multi point full line monitoring, online two-way water quality monitoring, real-time monitoring of source water and up ultra pure water quality; online detection of water temperature;

● perfect water free protection, automatic shutdown protection of high-pressure water full system, automatic start-up and fault alarm function of the system after water use;

● ultra pure water circulation system can be started and shut down freely to maintain low bacterial pollution level of the system;

● the service life of PP filter element, UV lamp, UF membrane and up ultra purification column can be set, the service time can be displayed, and the replacement will be prompted automatically when it expires;

● timing and quality water intake function;

● the replacement time of consumables can be recorded and checked, and the equipment maintenance information can be fully mastered;

● the system is equipped with large memory, which can store one year's operation data, and can set the time range to export complete data through USB interface (Excel table);

● factory and customer level II passwords, system settings are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized changes;

● all pure water pipes and joints are certified by NSF;

● conductivity meter resistance cell constant: 0.01cm-1, temperature sensitivity ± 0.1 ℃, with automatic temperature compensation function;

● Low Voltage 24VDC is used as the main power supply, which conforms to the safety specifications. ABS engineering plastic case and water and electricity separation structure meet the use in humid environment, without personal injury and ultra-low radiation. Adopting advanced EMC design, it has strong anti-interference ability and low noise;



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